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Check before we start the motor what to do

Update Time:12-28-2011

New or long-term disabled motor windings, the winding should be checked before using the insulation resistance between the ground. 500 - 1000V1000V insulation resistance and electrical sheet; over 1000V2500V on the Brushless motors insulation resistance meter is usually lower than 500V and 500V insulation resistance of electrical sheet. Each kV insulation resistance of not less than 1M??, and should measure the state of the motor cooling.

Check the Industrial Electric Motor surface cracks screws and parts are complete, whether there is a good fixed post. The working mechanism of the motor drive is reliable. Based on nameplate data, such as voltage, power, frequency, link, speed and power, the load is more consistent.

Check the ventilation motor and bearing lubrication is normal. Pulled the motor shaft, the rotor can rotate freely, with or without rotation noise. Check the Electric Motor brush assembly case, the brush body moving and flexible, moving in the right position of the brush handle. Check the electrical grounding device is reliable.

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